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Budapest weather

The Budapest's climate is temperate continental. It is characterized by four seasons showing significant differences. Usually January is the coldest month whereas July and August provide the hottest days. The weather is transitional, determined by the mild and rainy weather of the Transdanubian region and the Great Plain’s variable weather.

The daily temperature fluctuation is relatively high. Average temperature in Budapest is 11,2°C. On an extremely hot summer day temperature can reach 33-38 °C. If you visit Budapest this time, it is strongly suggested to take a bottle of fresh water with you wherever you go in order to avoid desiccation. In the winter temperature can even fall down until -15-20°C.

April is called “silly or freaky April” by native Hungarians, because of its often changing weather. One day we can almost bathe in the warm rays of the sun, the other day we can get soaked to the skin by the heavy rainfall pouring down from the boisterous clouds. Visitors should be well prepared with warm clothes and an umbrella if they choose to come to Budapest in this month.

Four Seasons
Spring comes at the beginning of April, followed by heavy rainstorms. May offers a mild and sunny weather. Trees are turning green and it is fascinating to see all the colorful flowers growing in the parks of Budapest.
Summers are dry and warm, although July and August can surprise the traveller with amazing thunderstorms. In this period short drifts tend to occur, as well.
Autumns are cool, foggy and cloudy with rainfalls often lasting for long days.
Winters are relatively short, moderately cold and usually dry, sometimes we can even enjoy a wonderful sunny day.

Sunny Days – Rainy Days
Number of sunny hours/year is approximately 1853. Annual fall is 617 mm. The daily rainfall is higher in the July-August period, but inhabitants of Budapest are used to heavy rainstorms in October, November and in April as mentioned before. During the winter months snow tends to fall rarely and it lasts only for a couple of days when temperature is under 0°C. This time families usually visit the mountain area where one can enjoy the wonderful sight of the remaining snow and children can play, sledge, throw snowballs and build snowmen.

Wind blows from the Northwest direction throughout the whole year. Sometimes there are windless periods as well, which often cause heavy foggy weather in the winter. Annual average wind speed is 2,4m/sec.

Average Temperatures
January-February -5-5°C
March-April 3-16°C
May-June 13-28°C
July-August 20-32°C
September-October 7-23°C
November-December -3-12°C

Budapest Weather Forecast